Divorce Coach


Divorce Coach

Confusion, Anger, Fear, Loss, Sadness, Money – these are just some of the words associated with Divorce. Where do you go when you, like millions of couples each year, face divorce? I suggest your Divorce Coach. You may never have heard of a divorce coach. You may ask what does a divorce coach do, and do I need one?


A divorce coach is a trained professional with experience in the emotional and legal considerations of the divorce process.

What does a divorce coach do?

Assists in managing emotions Helps in developing Personal Goals Works to create an action plan to achieving your goals and supports you through this major life event

What are the benefits for using a Divorce Coach?

Save money – Often those in process of divorce will use their lawyer as a sounding board and councilor at $200-$300/hour. A Divorce Coach is a fraction of the cost. The Coach does not practice law, give legal advice or make any legal recommendation.

Save time – When emotions are managed and goals and directions are set, the divorce process can be streamlined. Time spent in meetings such as legal conference, court appearances and mediation can take less time thus save money.

Focus – So often anger and disbelief control how we act and think during a divorce. The divorce coaching process allows the client to manage their feeling and move forward with their life.

 Support and Compassion Through Divorce and Beyond

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