About Us

Dr. Davis L. Palmour, D.D.

The Palmour Group, LLC is located in the offices at Dahlonega Healing Arts, Dahlonega Georgia. Our focus is on the personal growth and development for our clients. We do this by utilizing a range of modalities. Hypnosis, traditional and spiritual based counseling, NLP, and leadership principles are all used to the benefit of our clients.

We help our clients as they move where they are to where they desire to be – From Defeat to Victory! If they are not sure where they want to be we begin by creating direction. Once the desire is established the next questions is so basic we often forget to consider it. Where am I right now? No matter the journey, knowing where I am gives me a leg-up on charting the most direct path to that place. Even a good map, is no good if you have no idea where you are.

What ever your journey – be it divorce, weight reduction,freedom from smoking, making important decisions or dealing with a painful experience from the past, we at The Palmour Group, LLC are here to help.

Davis Palmour D.D., NCC CHt
The Palmour Group LLC
81 Crown Mountain Place D 100
Dahlonega GA 30533

National Certified Counselor (NCC)
Issuer: National Board for Certified Counselors