I first went to see Dr. Palmour to help me reduce anxiety about back surgery. After just one session I was able to focus on the benefits that would come from the surgery not the pain.

Months later I was released by the doctor but I still had pain. I returned to Dr. Palmour, with my doctors referral, for assistance with pain control. Today I am doing great, if I ever need help again I will not hesitate to call on Dr. Palmour.

– Harry Resovsky, Dahlonega

As a participant in a series of hypnotherapy sessions with Dr. Palmour, I was amazed and encouraged through the experience. My anxiety level was reduced considerably, my weight control is improving and I have an over all feeling of well being. I highly recommend the experience.

Carolyn Cline-Griffiths, Blue Ridge, GA

“As a new Mom, I was being pulled in many directions on many issues regarding parenting from both my parents and my in-laws. As one point I thought that maybe I should become a stay-at-home Mom. However, after going through two sessions with Davis Palmour, I realized that quiting my jobs was not ever the issue! What was really bothering me was that I was not able to vocalize my feelings on being a parent. Instead of listening to how I really felt, I was allowing my parents and in-laws opinions to over ride what I knew what was right for me and my family. My sessions with Davis empowered em to listen to myself and take action. It all culminated when my husband and I threw a wonderful first year birthday party for our child at our home, setting up a family tradition and aiding me in asserting my parenting values over those that were being projected on me.”

New Mom, Blairsville, GA

“Dr. Palmour is a good facilitator and I like his style. If the opportunity arises I would use him again”

Richard D. Foot
Natural Resources Coordinator
Hall County Public Works Department

I started smoking at age 15 and tried many times to stop in the past 17 years using pills, patches and other gadgets. I heard that hypnosis could be a potential solution but I didn’t know any hypnotherapists. I met Dr. Palmour though local business groups and I told him about my desire to stop smoking. After one hypnosis session I walked out of Dr. Palmour’s office and went straight home – smoke free. I haven’t picked up a cigarette since.

Phillip C. – Dahlonega